For my third and final baby I decided to participate in a HypnoBirthing course facilitated by Melissa.
Although my first two births were incredible, I really want to avoid another forcep delivery and episiotomy.

I loved the idea of having a natural birth, but was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it after having two previous epidurals.

Melissa was passionate and supportive as she taught my husband and I the tools and strategies I could use to have the birth I wanted. HypnoBirthing gave me the confidence to know that I was capable of birthing naturally and also to ensure that my husband and I were empowered to let my body be in control.

The daily relaxation and affirmations were extremely helpful in the lead up to birth, especially considering the extra stress I was feeling of how COVID-19 would affect my birth, family and babies first months.

I am proud that I was able to deliver my baby naturally and so thankful for her safe arrival and the speedy recovery I have had due to no interventions being used. I would highly recommend the program to all expectant parents

- Lia

You literally went above and beyond and helped me SO much when I had Airlie and I was an absolutely novice. There is nothing that is too much, or too awkward for you (I.e. literally hands on boobs helping me to pump 😂)

- Kim

Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in having us join your class. We cannot thank you enough for the confidence, strength and courage you have given us going into the birth of our second child.
All our thanks.

- Lucie  & Dylan

I can’t thank Melissa enough for her support and all of the amazing information she taught us. Melissa has such a clear and positive way of educating and there wasn’t any questions too silly or weird she wouldn’t answer!

- Danielle & Dave

Thanks for another terrific class last night.  
I’ve been suffering some insomnia the last few weeks - no problem falling asleep, but staying asleep is impossible, particularly with all the trips to the loo!


But last night was actually the soundest sleep I’ve had in weeks, and I have no doubt it was because of the deep relaxation we practiced last night. Definitely set me up for a peaceful nights rest. 

- Erika

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