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Many women do not know that the care does not have to end after they have their baby. Quality at-home postpartum care is available in the form of a postnatal doula who is experienced in the many issues that arise during this time in a woman's life. I serve the Rowville area with doula services for all stages of pregnancy because I believe in supporting and empowering women as they go through this epic journey.

Postnatal Doula Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a postnatal doula do, exactly?

If you are a new mother, or if you are introducing an addition to your family a doula can help you navigate those first few weeks. I have experience in newborn care, postpartum Mothercare, and I am happy to provide any answers you need during this overwhelming time in your life. No matter the question or concern, as a postnatal doula, I am here to listen and help.

How much is a postnatal doula?

I charge $180 for the initial consultation and $75 an hour after that. You will find my prices are fair for the services and the location.

Who should I choose as a postnatal doula?

Often women choose the same doula that helped them prepare for the birth and who was by their side during delivery. I offer doula services for pregnancy, delivery, and postnatal periods. It is important to choose a doula you are comfortable sharing with, who is non-judgmental, and teaches or answers your questions in a clear and friendly way.

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