What are the Benefits of Hypnobirthing?

HypnoBirthing is as much a philosophy as it is a technique. It is rewarding, relaxing, stress-free method of birthing that is based on the belief that all babies should come into the world gently and calmly. HypnoBirthing promotes instinctive birth, encouraging you to trust the innate wisdom of your birthing body and your baby. Your body know how to conceive, grow AND birth your baby. With the aim of reducing the use of drugs and medication during birth, hypnobirthing provides the tools and techniques you can use to manage the intensity of birth in a more natural way. For example, the use of massage, acupressure and of course, hypnosis and deep relaxation.

Taking part in prenatal classes can help reduce stress and fear often associated with giving birth. HypnoBirthing does this by specifically by educating families on the physical, hormonal, and chemical response of the body during labour.

Having this knowledge allows you to understand that birth is an instinctive, physiological event and builds your belief that women’s bodies are designed to birth, and that it is not a medical event.

With an understanding of what actually happens in labour, you will experience a calmer birthing regardless of any twists and turns it may take. The depth of knowledge gained in the HypnoBirthing course empowers parents to take control of their birthing experience.

The information taught in the class allows you to know more about what to expect and what questions to ask your care provider – allowing you to make an informed decision about your pregnancy and birth. HypnoBirthing families report: - Decreased rates of induction - Short first and second-phase labour - Fewer interventions and surgical births - Lessened of eliminated need for pain relief - Fewer cases of pre-eclampsia - Fewer low-weight babies and premature babies - Happier and more content Mums and babies - Babies are alert; able to nurse almost immediately - Fewer cases of post-partum depression

These outcomes are achieved through an array of information & skills taught in the program.

Hypnosis is used to assist mums through guided imagery and visualisation, to help clear fears and build a sense of self belief. This powerful state of deep relaxation allows your subconscious mind to take control and instinctively follow the natural rhythm and flow of birth.

Breathing techniques compliment this and are used to help lower stress, allowing you to remain calm and in control. To maximize oxygen flow to you baby and to your uterus allowing it to work effectively and efficiently.

The techniques taught in the class can be useful for anyone in many situations other than birth!

Mum of three Lia talks about how the HypnoBirthing techniques benefited her and helped her avoid medical intervention for her 3rd birth.

“The daily relaxation and affirmations were extremely helpful in the lead up to birth, especially considering the extra stress I was feeling of how COVID-19 would affect my birth, family and babies first months. I am proud that I was able to deliver my baby naturally and so thankful for her safe arrival and the speedy recovery I have had due to no interventions being used. " - Lia

If you would like to learn more about how taking part in HypnoBirthing class may benefit your experience register here for an upcoming FREE webinar where you can learn even more about the course.

Lia uses HypnoBirthing techniques to stay calm and relaxed in labour

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