Dealing with Anxiety in Pregnancy

Discovering you are pregnant is the catalyst for so many emotions, from welcome relief to sheer joy to wonderful surprise. For many it does not take long for the mind to jump right ahead to that day your baby is ready to make its way in to the world.

What were your first thoughts? Excited… Nervous… Curious… Anxious...?

Many of us are prone to believe that birth is a painful, scary and even a medical event. Sadly, one in three women describe their birth as traumatic. Why is it that the most natural thing - the thing that a woman’s body is physiologically designed to do, is the cause of anxiety and fear for so many? Pregnancy is recognised as a common trigger for anxiety, the significant physical and emotional change is something many enter into without genuine knowledge about what to expect.

There are a multitude of reasons a pregnant women may be anxious about her impending birth, and so many of these can be addressed with education, support and guidance.

In pregnancy and birth the adage ‘Knowledge is Power’ could not be more true.

With so many sources of information readily available to us all these days (Dr. Google anyone?), it’s hard to know how to choose a source that is right for you. HypnoBirthing is a highly regarded, evidence based program that strives to educate and empower women and their birth partners to be excited for the amazing experience that is giving birth.

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The premise of HypnoBirthing is that a mother and her baby instinctively know how to birth.

That birth is natural, normal and healthy.

That each birth has a natural rhythm and flow that works best if left undisturbed.

That the length of pregnancy and labour is different for each baby and shouldn’t be rushed unnecessarily.

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a complete antenatal program, undertaken by mum and her support team, teaching methods to help manage fear and anxiety during and before birth. The techniques learned include deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, pain relieving massage, positions to assist with birth and acupressure. The beautiful calming and hypnosis techniques help birthing women overcome anxiety and concern during pregnancy and birth - enriching the experience.

The overall effect of practising HypnoBirthing techniques is that birthing parents are better able to appreciate the benefits of calm, gentle birthing, making the experience a joyful one for mother, baby, and birth partner. People who have used this technique say that the experience is almost like daydreaming, as a woman brings her whole body into a deep state of relaxation. When having used this method, women have said they feel calm and in control during the experience.

Recommended by midwives and obstetricians, the HypnoBirthing program and antenatal class is now used in Australian hospitals such as The Royal Women’s Hospital, Epworth Freemasons and Gold Coast University Hospital.

What are the benefits?

HypnoBirthing is a powerful combination of education and the provision of tools and techniques, to help expectant families reduce and relieve anxiety from the experience of birth and pregnancy.

Parents feel confident and in control, prepared to achieve a gentle, calm birth for themselves and their baby whatever turn their birthing takes.

There are many benefits attributed to HypnoBirthing, some key ones often touted by new Mums (and Dads!) include:

  • Mums feel heard, understood & respected

  • Birth partners have an integral role in the birth

  • Teaches birthing couples how to work alongside caregivers to achieve the desired birth outcomes

  • Teaches deep levels of relaxation to eliminate the fear that causes tension and pain

  • Helps mothers to feel they were in control of their experience and only made choices that aligned with their wishes

  • Reduces labour time and the need for an episiotomy

  • Happier and more content Mums and babies

What will you learn in a HypnoBirthing class?

The confidence in your body’s ability to birth naturally and smoothly. To feel in control and totally relaxed, trusting that your body and baby know exactly what to do.

This confidence and belief will be in stilled in you, through learning:

The stages of labour, and how to navigate through them

Relaxation and self hypnosis techniques

Supportive techniques for your birthing partner

Breathing techniques to help birth your baby

Visualisation techniques

Understanding of special circumstances and medical interventions

Massage for eliminating or reducing pain

Positions and movement for labour and birth

Acupressure and Robozo skills

Pre and perinatal bonding

AND how to advocate for your birth choices.

It is recommended to enrol in a HypnoBirthing course from around 27 – 32 weeks of pregnancy, but it is really never too early or too late to learn and prepare for your birth.

How do you know if HypnoBirthing is for you?

Many educators offer obligation free information sessions, it is important to find support in an educator that you feel a connection and holds values and beliefs in line with yours.

So, if you are excited for your birth, but feeling a little anxious, or overwhelmed, perhaps HypnoBirthing is a program for you to consider. It teaches women and their partners techniques to learn how to reduce anxiety and relax during pregnancy and birth, instilling in them the power to take control of their experience.

Love to learn more? Register for an upcoming information session or get in touch any time for a chat Insta: @melissakate_hypnodoula Email: Mob: 0422 792 668

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