Birth of Chloe Skylar

Our HypnoBirthing journey began when I was about 4 months pregnant & searching information on how to breastfeed successfully & the information was pointing towards the importance to having a calm birth & as least amount of intervention as possible so that I could birth potentially drug free & birth a calm, alert baby.

For myself & my partner, Dave, HypnoBirthing classes were the perfect way to help us achieve a calm & empowered birth & we are so glad we signed up to Melissa’s 5 session classes as it allowed us to feel & experience just this.

Most importantly, the classes took away the insane amount of fear I had towards birthing & helped created positive beliefs that I could do this & my body was designed to birth naturally.

Knowing that my mum’s body never went into labour & her pelvis wasn’t ‘wide’ enough to birth naturally, therefore having a c-section for all 4 of us kids, put a lot of doubt in my mind that my body could birth naturally, & Melissa really helped me shift this limiting belief.

In saying this, our birth story didn’t go exactly to plan, however we were educated & empowered to make our own decisions & ask the doctors & midwives questions to best help us come to our own decisions on what was best for me & our baby, Chloe.

Light surges started for me on a Monday early morning, briefly coming on & off throughout the day & then progressing throughout the night. By Tuesday morning the light surges were coming about every 6-8minutes, however they were not very consistent.

At 10.30am Tuesday my waters broke as I was resting in bed. I called the hospital & because I had tested position for the 36-week Group B swab the midwife was keen to get me into the hospital so I could be induced & started on antibiotics.

We had done quite a bit of research around the hospital’s producer for positive Group B & with some hesitation we had already decided that I would take the antibiotics. For us, this decision was based on the fact that we were birthing in the middle of the Covid 19 outbreak & the idea of something potentially happening to Chloe & her having to stay in the hospital for any longer than required or the NICU was not something we wanted to risk.

However, I wasn’t keen on the idea of being induced & we decided against the doctors advise & declined the induction at the start to give my body some time to see if labour would advance naturally.

Unfortunately, after another 12 hours of light labour, we made the decision at 12am midnight to be induced via medication. I did however, convince the midwife to put a Bluetooth heart rate monitor on my tummy rather than the CTG. This gave me much more freedom to keep moving around & labour standing up.

By 3am Wednesday morning the midwife finally said I was in active labour, I had dilated to 3cm. At some point after this time I did ask to use the gas & air. I’m not really sure how much this benefited me, however biting down on the pipe was helpful & on a positive note it didn’t make me feel sick!

After another internal check at 7am I was told I was 6cm dilated, which was quite disappointing as I felt like the surges were getting much stronger & I had a lot of pressure on my bottom & thought I was starting to feel the urge to breath down.

The next few hours were intense, with a lot of pressure on my lower back/bottom. Luckily, I did get some good relief in between surges.

At about 11am they announced, to my relief, that I was 10cm dilated & it was finally time to breath down our baby!

I began my birthing on my knees leaning over the bed head that was raised up. I really felt at the time I would have loved to birth in a sitting position, like we sit on the toilet, because for me this seemed to be the easiest & most comfortable position, however the hospital didn’t have a birthing chair.

After a short period of breathing down I could just feel the top of Chloe’s head, which felt amazing, like I was so close, making the birthing phase much easier than the dilation from 6-10cm!

Unfortunately, the heart rate monitor stopped working correctly & was giving irregular readings, the second midwife that came in to help started panicking & wanted to rush the delivery along.

Because they were worried for Chloe’s well-being, they encouraged me to push harder & longer than my surges were lasting for & they also encouraged me to roll over as they wanted me in stirrups.

I protested this for a little bit, but they aloud me to sit upright so I wasn’t completely birthing on my back.

They still couldn’t get an accurate reading of Chloe’s heart rate & as I was struggling to get past just crowning of the head the midwifes suggested an episiotomy.

Again, I was hesitant, however I am glad I agreed as in the next surge they preformed the episiotomy & Chloe’s head came through, with the following surge bringing Chloe into the world to us!

After 50 minutes of breathing down our baby, Chloe arrived at 12.14pm Wednesday 27th of May.

For me, the birthing part of labour was not nearly as uncomfortable as I had imagined & in fact, I found that part exciting & amazing.

I thinking knowing that we were so close to meeting our little girl made it so much easier.

Chloe was put onto my chest straight away & the feelings of love, amazement, feeling proud, empowered & relieved all at the same time was fantastic.

We got a lot of skin to skin time & the first breastfeed started within about 20-30 minutes. Chloe then laid on my chest while I was stitched up & until I was ready to pass her over to Dave for a cuddle while I went & had a shower!

Dave was an amazing birth partner over the 24-hour process. He prompted me to change things when something wasn’t working, by either getting me to move, go to the toilet, change my music or read different scripts or affirmations to me. Best of all he held me up through the intense part of the surges helping me feel supported.

We can’t thank Melissa enough for sharing her HypnoBirthing knowledge with us in her program.

HypnoBirthing really did allow us to feel in control, more relaxed & empowered leading into & throughout our birth.

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