5 Tips for Achieving a Positive Birth

Giving birth can be so wonderfully empowering, sadly so many don’t consider their experience a positive one. In fact, 1 in 3 women report their birth as traumatic. It is devastating that women feel traumatized by what is one of the most natural things a woman can experience.

This does not need to be you! Achieving a positive birth can be done. A positive birth is not about how you birth, but how you feel about your birth. This is an important distinction to make. There is no right way to birth, there is only the way that best suits you, your baby and your circumstances. So what are my top tips to achieving a positive birth? Read on…

Your Team

In my opinion, this is by far the biggest thing people get wrong. If you’re like most women, when you found out you were pregnant, you went to the GP for your blood tests and when discussing where you were going to have the baby, they asked you ‘do you have private health insurance or not’. Your answer then determined a public or private hospital, and your location determined the rest.

Unfortunately, this is the wrong question to ask. You should be asked what kind of birth you want, and then explained the pro’s and con’s of your seven, yes seven options!

It should be reiterated that your team needs to understand you, support you, respect you, listen to and crazily enough love you and your unique personality and pregnancy. To have a successful birth you need to feel safe, secure and able to put your total trust in those around you. You need to know that those people will advocate for you and protect you no matter what.

Think about what type of birth you want first and then level of support you want throughout labour. These answers will determine where you birth and who supports you.

Your Birth Preparation

It is so important for you and your birth partner to understand the physical, hormonal, and emotional process of labour. You need a variety of techniques to help with pain relief and you both need to know how to navigate the hospital system. With all this knowledge comes confidence and conviction.

Your Mindset

Fear and stress impacts your body’s ability to birth physiologically. Having complete confidence and trust in yourself and your team will allow you in labour to totally surrender to the instinctive birth process.

Hypnosis & Deep Relaxation

Often people can’t understand how hypnosis can be used during labour. The first thing it can do, is to transform how you are feeling sensations. So, something that you initially considered painful, can now be felt as something else.

Hypnosis is also amazing for clearing fears easily. The deep relaxation experienced during hypnosis, means the subconscious part of the mind is accessed easily and any fears around pregnancy, birth and parenting can be cleared quickly and easily.

Hypnosis also allows deep relaxation in a matter of seconds. This is the state you need to be in during your labour. Because you are in such a deep, beautiful, relaxed state, all those birthing hormones flow and can make labour shorter and even more comfortable.

Hypnosis in HypnoBirthing is used to clear fears, release natural pain killers, change perception of sensations, stay energized and allow birthing hormones to be released properly.


Preparing for birth isn’t a matter of reading a book or two, watching a webinar and thinking you’re done. It takes time to practice techniques, to learn about birth and to research the myriad of tests, routine procedures and options out there. I highly recommend watching birth video’s, checking out documentaries, TED talks etc.

Think for a minute about preparing for a marathon. You’d get a great team around you, you’d get your mindset right, you’d train, you’d commit to an exercise regime. No one would blink an eye at what you’re doing, and everyone would be supportive. Strangely enough, we don’t view birth the same way…

So there you have it, my top five tips to achieving a positive birth.

Birth and the unknown can be scary and daunting, nothing can quite prepare you for childbirth much like the experience itself. However, through education and preparation you can approach your birth with Confidence, Calm and Conviction.

Top 5 tips for a positive birth

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