Tools, Techniques, and Support to help you achieve a positive birth - whatever that looks like for you!

Heard so many birth horror stories, but don't want that to be your experience? 

Thinking, how do I avoid it - it's inevitable right?


You absolutely can love your birth!


To truly believe that your body is oh so capable? To feel completely confident in your birth partner's ability to support you.

If you answered YES to any of these, then welcome! I’m Melissa and I work with expecting mamas and their support team to get prepped and pumped for birth.

What is HypnoBirthing...


I can't wait to share it with you more about the three C's.


Internationally renowned, EVIDENCE BASED program - endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives


Enables you to release of any fears you have around birth, helping you to believe in your  instinctual ability to birth


Skills and knowledge to reduce your likelihood of medical intervention and assist with pain relief.

 When you think about giving birth, what type of questions come to mind? 



What's your strongest emotion?

"I was nervous and anxious about giving birth when I first found out I was pregnant.   

After the course I felt excited and so much more educated about birth...

 I felt a lot more comfortable; it gave me a lot more confidence in knowing I could do it and that my body was made for this." - Kathy

HypnoBirthing can help you...

Learn techniques to help you work through the intensity of labour.

Explore what happens practically and physically in labour, helping you to feel prepared and calm to give birth.


Engage your partner so they know what to expect and feel confident in supporting you. 

Deal with special circumstances and avoid proposed medical interventions.


I'm nervous and anxious about giving birth.

I just want to be confident and not scared through labour.

Terrified that I have a very low pain threshold.

I'm apprehensive after traumatic first birth.

I like being in control and I'm anxious about not being in control during labour.

I want to find out what birth is really like.

My partner doesn't know what to do or how to support me during labour.

I want to avoid medical induction and intervention in labour, but don't know how.

I feel scared, nervous and uninformed.


I'm confident and excited to give birth. 

I feel comfortable that I have the tools to manage the intensity of birth.

My partner feels confident in supporting me and informed on what to expect.

I understand that every birth is different and that by being informed and prepared I can feel in control of my experience. 

I have learnt about the amazing way in which my body is designed to birth my baby.

I feel empowered to discuss my wishes with my care provider, and comfortable asking questions to understand my options clearly. 

I trust I need to allow my body to do what it instinctively knows what to do.

I can't wait to give birth!

No matter the path it takes, your birth CAN be a positive experience.

HypnoBirthing will get you informed, so you can be empowered.

HypnoBirthing Classes

Approach your birth with Confidence, Calm and Conviction

Here's what you will learn:

Evidence based techniques to support you through the intensity of labour

  • Breathing

  • Visualisation

  • Rapid Relaxation & Self Hypnosis

  • Massage for Eliminating Pain

  • Positions & Movement for Labour & Birth

  • Acupressure Techniques

Confidence in your bodies ability to birth

  • To feel in control of your experience

  • How to navigate medical intervention 

  • How to deal with unexpected events 

How to assist your body to follow its natural functions in labour

  • What to do when you go into labour

  • What to expect when baby arrives

  • How to prepare for breastfeeding

Physiology of the stages of labour

  • Your bodies hormonal & chemical response

  • Understanding of the Pain, Fear, Tension cycle - why eliminating fear from birth is crucial

INCLUDED in the course:

  • 5 weeks of classes delivered LIVE online every week 

  • Original HypnoBirthing textbook

  • Guided relaxation & music MP3’s to create calm vibes during pregnancy & labour

  • Beautiful parent’s birth handbook including class notes, hypnotic scripts, visualisation posters


Additional online sessions dedicated to watching birth videos

​Editable Birth Preferences templates

Ongoing phone & email support through your pregnancy 


debrief and support


"For me, the birthing part of labour was not nearly as uncomfortable as I had imagined and in fact, I found that part exciting and amazing. 


Chloe was put onto my chest straight away and the feelings of love, amazement, feeling proud, empowered and relieved all at the same time was fantastic.

Dave was an amazing birth partner over the 24-hour process. He prompted me to change things when something wasn’t working. 


Best of all he held me up through the intense part of the surges helping me feel supported.


We can’t thank Melissa enough for sharing her HypnoBirthing knowledge with us in her program.


HypnoBirthing really did allow us to feel in control, more relaxed and empowered leading into and throughout our birth."

 ~ Beautiful Mama Danielle and her partner Dave 

Over our 5 weeks together (& beyond) you will learn...

How to navigate the stages of labour

Supportive techniques for your birthing partner

How to assist your body to follow its natural functions in labour

How to approach special circumstances & proposed medical interventions

How to approach postnatal bonding & breastfeeding

How to advocate for your birth choices!

5 x $139 Weekly Payments

  • Delivered LIVE online

  • Join from the comfort of home

  • Intimate group sizes

  • Conversation style course delivery 

Group HypnoBirthing


$660 per couple

  • Delivered LIVE online

  • Join from the comfort of home

  • Intimate group sizes

  • Conversation style course delivery 

$1,100 per couple

(payment plans available)

  • Can't find a  class that suits you?

  • Looking for personal 1:1 support?

  • Private classes are scheduled at a time that works best for you!

  • Face to face delivery available

Pregnancy and Birth is just the beginning. 


Combine your HypnoBirthing Course with  Post-Natal visits for complete peace of mind.

Five week LIVE HypnoBirthing Group Course

  • How to navigate the stages of labour

  • Supportive techniques for your birthing partner

  • How to assist your body to follow its natural functions in labour

  • How to approach special circumstances & proposed medical interventions

  • How to advocate for your birth choices!

    (Valued at $660)

Four  x 2.5hr in-home visits
There is no requirement to lock in dates, we do this as we go and you can always add more and these are a great gift idea if anyone is asking what you need!

  • Be supported to trust your intuition and instincts, and believe in your own parenting style

  • Practical in-home support (light housekeeping, meal prep, cleaning, sitting with baby)Relaxation techniques for comfort in times of stress

  • Newborn care, assisting with bathing, feeding time and changing nappies etc

  • Bonding and interaction support

  • Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding guidance

  • Settling and sleeping advice

  • Baby massage techniques

    (Valued at $700)


Total Value $1,360

Get all the support you need for $1,200

I LOVE working with new parents in those first few days, weeks, months. Whilst appointments are scheduled for 2.5hrs, there is no stopwatch when I'm with you, I am there to support you as you needed.

Book your course today RISK FREE

Money back Guarantee

If after the first session, you decide the course isn't quite what you expected or doesn't feel like the right fit - you will be refunded your full course fee (less the cost of course materials).

Is HypnoBirthing right for me?

  • I want to be armed up with tools and techniques that will help me manage the intensity of birth .

  • I want to feel in control of my experience.

  • I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable about all the unknowns of giving birth.

  • I want to feel confident and excited for birth.

  • I want my partner to know they have an important role to play and for them to learn how to support, encourage and reassure me.

  • I want to reduce my chance of induction, intervention and drugs during birth.

  • I don't want to be afraid of giving birth

  • I want to be empowered to speak up and be heard if I don't agree with something that is being suggested for me.

  • I want to clearly understand all the options for birth so I can make informed decisions. 

  • I feel completely prepared and confident about giving birth.

  • My partner knows exactly what I need and how to support me.

  • I have a clear understanding of all the possible decisions that may need to be made during birth.

  • I'm ok with letting other people take control of my experience.

  • I have a range of techniques ready to use as labour gets intense.

  • I am clear on what my preferences are during birth and know how to communicate these to my care providers.

  • I am confident that I will be able to speak up if I am not happy with something my care provider suggests that I don't want.

Taking you from Anxiety and Apprehension, to Empowered and Excited.

Benefits of HypnoBrithing

Empowers parents with techniques to achieve a gentle, calm birth for themselves and their baby whatever turn their birthing takes.

Gives birth partner an integral role in the birth

Teaches you and your birthing partner how to work alongside your caregivers to achieve the birth you desire

Allows you and your partner to approach birth and parenting informed and empowered

Teaches you deep levels of relaxation to eliminate the fear that causes tension and pain

Leaves you feeling alert, fresh and awake with energy during your labour

Reduces labour time and the need for an episiotomy


The HypnoBirthing program and antenatal class is now used in six Australian hospitals, is recommended by midwives and obstetricians, and has over 180 certified practitioners because it is evidenced based, and it works!

HypnoBirthing classes teach you

AND your birth partner

  • The physiology of birth and how your body is naturally designed to birth

  • How fear impacts the birthing experience

  • How to greatly reduce the need for drugs and other interventions, by utilising your body’s own natural pain relief

  • Deep relaxation, massage, visualisation and self-hypnosis techniques that eliminate fear and tension through pregnancy and birth

  • A range of tools and techniques that can be used to manage the intensity of birth


In short, everything you need to know to achieve a positive, comfortable and calm birth, including the role of your birth partner in supporting and advocating for you and the baby.​


Register for the HypnoBirthing course for just $660 per couple


"Everything went perfectly... absolutely perfect! SO happy.

The course was so enlightening and worth doing. Even if you are skeptical about the 'hypno' side of thing - it's worth doing just to retrain your brain and informing yourself on the various decisions involved in labour."

- Kiara, 2nd time mum

"I now feel confident and excited to give birth. I loved the course, it's so insightful and I loved it so much. Couldn't imagine birthing without it." - Sam

Your body is perfectly designed to give birth

Childbirth is an instinctual and natural process and your body, and your baby, already know what to do.


HypnoBirthing cuts through myths, fears and anxieties that surround birth and deliver evidence-based education, tools and techniques. 




 AND so you can have the best chance at experiencing a calm, gentle, joyful birth for you, your baby, and your birth partner.

Prefer to chat one on one?

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I would like to acknowledge the land on which I reside and work is the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri and Bunurong people of the Kulin Nation and I pay my respects to elders past, present and future. I also acknowledge that their cultural and spiritual connection to land are still as important to the Wurundjeri and Bunurong people today.

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