Benefits Of HypnoBirthing

The Benefits of HypnoBirthing Are For Mother and Baby Alike.

HypnoBirthing empowers women to they feel confident in their bodies ability to birth. It teaches you and your birthing partner how to work alongside your caregivers to achieve the birth you desire. It is the provision of tools and techniques to achieve a gentle, calm birth whatever turn their birthing takes.

What is a calm birth exactly? A calm birth is a birth where the mother is prepared mentally and physically to face her fears and pain in a way that calms her instead of increasing her tension and therefore fear and pain. The methods are taught in classes leading up to the delivery and the results are less fear, more control, less pain, and often reduced labour time in general.

An unprepared birth can be one full of tension, pain, fear, anxiety for the mother. This is due to the idea prevalent today, that a healthy mother requires medical support to deliver a baby. HypnoBirthing strives to inspire mothers to believe in their instinctive abilities to birth, to understand that giving birth is natural, and in the case of low risk, healthy women little to no medical intervention is required. 

When you choose Melissa Kate you will meet a doula and certified HypnoBirthing educator who will help inspire you to understand that you have an innate ability to birth and that your voice should always be heard throughout pregnancy and birth.  I look forward to meeting you soon as you go through this life changing experience.