Help For New Mums

Help for New Mums is Available With a Qualified Doula

The journey into motherhood does not happen overnight, yet many new mothers are overwhelmed and surprised at how intense the whole event can be. The good news is that the overwhelming feelings are completely normal! There sometimes gets to a point when new mums need some extra care and support - this can be found in the form of a postal doula. Many new mothers choose a doula to aid them in the beginning because it is reassuring to have a sounding board to work through those many 'firsts' when baby arrives. It is normal to second guess your instincts as the change in both your sleep and hormones begin to take a toll. A doula can help clear your mind and find your inner voice. Whilst a postnatal doula is experienced in both caring for the mother and the baby, the focus is promoting self care for mum and helping her find her innate ability to nurture.

How much is a doula? I offer three types of doula services. Prenatal sessions start from 2.5hr visits at $250. You can have one or as many sessions as you like, and you can start as early or as late in the pregnancy as you chose. The Birth Doula Package is $1,750, this includes a 2.5hr prenatal education session, on call availability for attendance at your birth and a post natal visit for up to 2.5hrs. I also offer stand alone postnatal doula support, for $180 you will receive a 2.5hr visit. Additional hours after that are $75, so you will have follow-up visit options. Most women are reassured to know that there is the same quality of professional help for new mums as there is for prenatal and delivery care.

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