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So what exactly is sounds a bit 'woo woo'?

You can learn more about this in my related blog here, but in short it is sooo not woo woo!

It is education, tools, techniques & support that give you the best chance at the birth you want. A complete antenatal education program designed to empower and inform parents.

Recognized and supported by Australian College of Midwives and delivered in over 47 countries worldwide.

Not only that, the course is practiced as the preferred education program in many major hospitals throughout Australia – including the Royal Women’s in Melbourne, Freemason Epworth Melbourne, Gold Coast University Hospital, Sydney’s North Shore Hospital plus many more.

The program is EVIDENCED BASED, that means founded on real scientific research, and focuses on the body’s natural instinctive ability to birth.


Do I really need to spend money on birthing classes?

No of course you don't, and you will give birth to your baby with or without the classes.

The benefit of attending prenatal classes, HypnoBirthing in particular, can be so important to achieving a positive birth outcome, that it's hard to put a monetary value on them.  

HypnoBirthing statistics show that benefits of partaking in the course include:
(when compared to general population)

  • Reduce risk of general medical intervention

  • Reduce risk of caesarean section

  • Reduce risk Induction

  • Less use of drugs in labour

  • The chance of a shorter labour

  • Higher rate of breastfeeding success

Still not sure? Perhaps some other things to consider are cost of an epidural (if you are birthing in the private hospital system), the cost of post-natal physiotherapy to assist with recovery from birth trauma,  or even the cost of post-natal support after an experience that has left you feeling underheard, with your wishes not respected?


My partner isn't sure it will be worth it.

Well before you read any further - I offer a Money Back Guarantee. Attend session one and decide it's not for you? I will fully refund the cost of the course (less the cost of course materials).

Recent clients Kathy and Mitch have reflected multiple times since the birth of their baby boy, how they think the classes really helped with the whole birth experience, for both of them.

Ellie and Jamie reported that they felt like an absolutely united team, with Ellie knowing Jamie was clear on her preferences and could advocate for her unequivocally.

There are so many unknowns in birth, so many decisions to be made - in class, we will discuss the most common things that come up and help you discover the best option for you.

You don't know what you don't know right?! The conversations in class always spark questions about all aspects of birth, and it's a safe, judgement-free space for partners to ask any question they may have been too nervous to Google!

Sarah said that for her the most valuable thing she got from the class was her husband knowing what to expect, what he can do to help during labour. The 
different stages of labour, when to go to the hospital, different variables including types intervention, recovery from birth and what to expect afterwards.


It's ok, I'm just going to go with the flow.

A positive birth doesn't have to be 'natural', it has to be informed, respected and free from fear. 

Knowledge is power, being informed empowers you to ask questions, engage in discussion and ultimately feel in control of your experience.

Whilst flexibility is a valuable trait in labour, having taken the time to consider some of the common options and form your own views will leave you in good stead to make informed decision in pregnancy, labour and birth.

'The power of a birth plan isn’t the actual plan. It’s the process of becoming educated about your options.'


What sort of things will we learn?

There are so many unknowns in birth, so many decision to be made - in class we will discuss the most common things that come up and help you discover the best option for you.

Over our 5 weeks together (& beyond) you will learn…

  • How to navigate the stages of labour.

  • Supportive techniques for your birthing partner.

  • How to assist your body to follow its natural functions in labour.

  • How to approach special circumstances & proposed medical interventions.

  • How to approach postnatal bonding & breastfeeding.

  • How to advocate for your birth choices!


How could my birth be better by doing this course ?

HypnoBirthing statistics show that benefits of partaking in the course include:
(when compared to general population)

  • Reduce risk of general medical intervention

  • Reduce risk of caesarean section

  • Reduce risk Induction

  • Less use of drugs in labour

  • The chance of a shorter labour

  • Higher rate of breastfeeding success

Most importantly, Mums feel heard, understood & respected.


It's not my first birth, should I bother?

It depends, how do you feel about giving birth? Do you feel confident and calm? Ready to approach it with conviction? If the answer is yes, amazing!

If you hesitated in answering, if perhaps your first birth left you feeling a little unsure. Maybe you felt like your wishes were not adhered too, that you really weren't prepared for the various stages that unfolded. Well then you could certainly benefit from the course.

Here is what second time parents Sunita and Emerson had to say...

"Thank you very much Melissa, throughout yesterday’s session I had the thought in my mind that how I wished I knew all about this in my first birth, I am glad we are doing this now..

My husband says he is starting to feel more comfortable about the whole birth process, and he also shares the same view as me 'wish I knew about all this for the first birth'."

I just want know how to reduce the pain, is that what this is all about?

You will learn acupressure techniques as well massage for eliminating pain. We will introduce visualisation, rapid relaxation and self hypnosis techniques - all of which can contribute to reducing the intensity of labour.

We also work through how to navigate the stages of labour, positions and movement you can use and breathing techniques for labour and birth.

There is so much more though, once you understand the 'how' you will feel so much more confident in your bodies ability to birth.

Learn how to assist your body to follow its natural functions in labour, by understanding the physiology of the stages of labour, and the hormonal and chemical response that occurs. 

Understand the Pain, Fear, Tension cycle - why eliminating fear from birth is crucial to birthing efficiently and effectively.

Hypnosis explained

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, much like meditation or daydreaming. The path to hypnosis is like the path to normal sleep, and like sleep can only be entered into voluntarily.   ‘All hypnosis is self-hypnosis’.


No one can make an individual be hypnotised, in same way no one can make you go to sleep. You must be a willing participant, allowing yourself to slip into a deep state of relaxation, of which you are in control of your mind and actions at all times.  

When giving birth with HypnoBirthing, a mother is not in a trance or asleep but instead in a state of deep relaxation—awake, aware, and fully in control.


How is Hypnosis used in the course?

Hypnosis can be used to move past the conscious mind and reach your subconscious mind to change your perception of pain and clear fears easily. In labour can be used to  help you relax and surrender to you physiological birthing instincts. 

Who should attend class?

Anyone who would like to achieve a calm and positive birth.


​​HypnoBirthing can be used for all birth circumstances - first time, second time, third time mums etc, c-sections or inductions.

​Whilst HypnoBirthing certainly advocates for baby choosing their birthday, the premise of my teaching is to educate participants on the physiology of birth, the instinctive nature of birth and provide a toolbox of techniques that can be used, no matter the circumstance.


When I should start my course? 

It is never too early or too late to learn about HypnoBirthing.

Generally attending sometime after 20 weeks, but ideally before 35 weeks. The class series runs for five weeks, it's best to allow plenty of time to become familiar with, and practice the relaxation techniques you will learn.

If you are worried you've left it too late - get in touch and we can discuss private options.


Should my Birth Partner attend?

It is recommended to bring along someone who will be attending the birth with you - mostly so that you have a support person on the day who is fully understanding of the way in which you would like to ​approach your birth.

It also means they will be able to support you with all the tools and techniques you will learn.​

However, I understand that this is not always possible so get in touch with me and we can certainly find a way to ensure your birth partner can be involved.

"After recently finishing our 5 x private one on one Hypnobirthing classes with Melissa both myself & my partner, Dave, are feeling so much more prepared, relaxed and confident about the birth of our little girl.

I can’t thank Melissa enough for her support and all of the amazing information she taught us. Melissa has such a clear and positive way of educating and there wasn’t any questions too silly or weird she wouldn’t answer!" - Danielle & Dave

HypnoBirthing is a complete antenatal class preparing you and your birth partner to approach birth with Confidence, Calm and Conviction

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