Hi, I’m Melissa, your doula and birth educator

I believe that all births can be beautiful, that a positive birth experience is less about how it looks on paper and more about how it feels for the people involved.


Hearing a woman and her partner say “I can do this”, seeing the sparkle and determination in their eyes and knowing they really mean it, is an honour and a privilege.


I know exactly how daunting it can feel facing into the uncertainty and unknowing-ness of childbirth and parenthood. 


 I have two little ones myself, and before my first birth I can honestly say I had no idea of the true power of my body and the depth that the experience of giving birth could bring.


My mission is to help women have incredible birth experiences that are free from judgment and fear. 


My childbirth education, birth doula and postnatal support services are all about helping parents feel informed, supported, and feel empowered to trust their instincts and make confident choices.


I can’t wait to hear all about your journey so far.


"We can’t thank Melissa enough for her support and all of the amazing information she taught us. Melissa has such a clear and positive way of educating and there wasn’t any questions too silly or weird she wouldn’t answer!" - Danielle and Dave